About Peppercorn

What's Peppercorn?

Peppercorn exists to support small and independent food and beverage producers, and to deliver their foods to you in 1 delivery. Our food list is highly curated and we rotate the list every week. We deliver in London within the M25, and currently only deliver on weekends.


Who founded Peppercorn and why?

Peppercorn was started by us — cousins-in-law Dhivant Patel and Ryan Snyder.

We received an SOS from one of our favourite local independent breweries about the impact the CV19 lockdown was having on their business. While supermarkets and large manufacturers have thrived during this time, we were concerned about the growing number of independent food producers who are struggling to sell direct to shoppers.

We both have e-commerce backgrounds and have families who ran green grocers and farms, and care about the quality and provenance of our foods. We are also unashamedly pleased about eating and drinking incredible foods, beers, and wines during lockdown.


Why shouldn’t I just buy direct from a small producer?

Actually, we'd love for that to happen. We want to introduce you to small businesses that create amazing foods so that you can support them either directly or indirectly.

Do your weekly or fortnightly shop through us, and we will deliver foods from many fantastic small businesses in 1 delivery. You’ll spend about the same on each food but will save on shipping and delivery costs.

If you find something you love, buy a case of beer, a case of wine, or a couple kilos of sausages directly from our partners.

Either way, you’re putting your money towards small businesses and helping them to continue to do what they do best.


Can you tell me more about the food?

We source from small and independent local businesses, who like us, want to honor the place, the people, and the animals who create their food. We rotate foods, drinks, and producers every week. We believe that if we can be excited about the foods every week, that you will be too.

Here are some photos that might give you a better sense of what we offer 

Amy's Instagram post

Maeve's Instagram post

Ali's Instagram post

Peppercorn's Instagram post (one of our Saturday deliveries)


Why do you only deliver on weekends? And why can’t I pick a delivery time slot?

We want to keep helping small businesses and make our customers happy, which means we need to deliver you the freshest food at the lowest cost. We need to operate as efficiently as possible. The most sustainable solution for this is pick up your fresh goods on weekends and deliver them to you in a route which minimizes miles on the road.

You can place an order for the upcoming weekend up until Wednesday at midnight. Afterwards we place wholesale orders with all of our vendors, and begin the process of delivering their foods to you all in 1 delivery. On Thursday of each week, we'll let you know the 1 hour window that we plan to deliver your food on the weekend.